Well Goodmorning Sunshine, Welcome to Druzy Cakes,
This is my blog, here you will find an ABUNDANCE of yummy recipes for every sweet tooth.
So nice to meet you, I’m Sky, a 20-year-old self-taught baker from Dever Colorado. Baking has really been a saving grace for me, having dealt with severe anxiety for years I thought there was nothing that could help. Then one day I spent 10 hours straight just baking because I was having a pretty stressful day, and it was like a little lightbulb went DING somewhere in my brain because I felt so at peace and calm while I was baking. Now I bake practically every day and words do not express how much baking has helped me rediscover a sense of self and finally get a grip on my anxiety. I am creating this blog as a bit of a safe haven for people that love to bake and even people that dont. As a writer i can only hope you read this and i can only hope to help you get through your day, so thank you for stoping by i hope youll stick around!

I grew up around bakers, we have a long line of extremely talented bakers and cake decoraters in my family, so i was lucky enough to learn while I was a kid. I didn’t bake much if at all while i was in school but when I graduated my passion started to blaze. I would stay up all night watching videos and reading cookbooks just trying to master my recipes, then would stay up even later to make sure they were perfectly decorated. The meticulous actions of baking really have helped me relieve a lot of stress, and there is nothing more rewarding than sinking your teeth into something beautiful you’ve created!

I consider myself a pretty traditional baker and a pretty abnormal decorator, I draw a lot of inspiration from nature and I do my best to recreate the feeling of awe you get in nature, through baking. I take a lot if inspiration from crystals, flowers, and mountains, being from Colorado it would just be a shame for me to not play off of some of the beauty I see on a daily basis.

As a Colorado native, I love to get outside as much as I can, I am extremely interested in rock climbing and every time I go I pay close attention to the little details, in the leaves, in the rocks, in the view…I feel every cupcake should be an experience. I want you to flash back to grandma’s house, helping her in the garden, sun rays on your cheeks, each and every bite. My recipes are mainly family classics that have been passed down through the generations, with a modern flare to make each and every cake feel like an experience on its own.

so welcome, thank you for reading. stay tuned ill be posting new recipes every week, if you have any questions DONT BE SHY

have a wonderful day lovelies